Well my friends.. this is it :-(

My last picture here on this blog. I have taken the last week off to think about my priorities and where my life is heading. When I started my year of mornings project I did not know that I would be starting up my own business. That is taking much of my time these days and any other time is of course spent with my children. Thank you so much for coming here every morning to see my pictures. I still have my Sebrina Wilson Photography Blog that I try and post on at least a few times per week.

I prefer this one


Anairam said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures here - they inspired me always!

Mary said...

I have enjoyed your photos -- what a beautiful body of work. Best of luck with your business! :)

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I will miss you. Your light and depth, color and texture are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

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