January 30, 2009

a year of mornings 37:365


Barb said...


Did I make myself clear?? LOL

Miss Aimee said...

love your photos so much. are you using an action? What did you do on the one that is a few below dog..the woman to get it so beautifully soft looking? curious.
:) love your work!

sunmamma said...

Thank you :) I actually use picnik to edit all my photo's. I don't have photoshop and I did try the trial and found it quote complicated. In picnik you can soften, add layers, pretty much anything you can do in photoshop. But for me it's easier.. and cheaper. I have a premium account and it costs me $25 per year.

Miss Aimee said...

ohh....great info. I have photoshop. It is time consuming, but love it! I will look at picnik.
:) cheers

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